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Human Resources is the department that serves as the liaison between the employee and company head. Human resources jobs often involve the hiring process, benefits management and any employee/manager counseling that may be deemed necessary during employment. Human resource jobs can also involve training and development, as well as organized activities within the organization. In short, HR jobs are prevalent within any company, although smaller firms may have a generalist that does a bit of everything rather than more specific roles.

Recruiter jobs generally service the company as an employee scout. Companies may be opening their doors for the first time or may be looking for specific, ongoing positions. Either way, a recruiter’s job is to look for potential job candidates through the company database or by doing an Internet search. Sometimes the recruiter job may be more aggressive, and the recruiter will find candidates that may already be placed in companies through word of mouth or employment services.

Payroll jobs are some of the most important to a company. Jobs in payroll include the task of getting employee information reported to the database correctly in order to get compensated accurately and on time. Human resources manager jobs can head up departments like payroll, labor relations and benefits. HR manager jobs are more prevalent at larger companies that bring on a fuller department.

As they do serve as a vital link to upper management, employee relations jobs are often advocates for the employee. This can be to address work issues, promotional opportunities or even further training programs or coaching sessions. HR safety jobs generally cover the safety and responsibility of employees while at work. This can be through a series of programs or through one-on-one counseling if the employee needs additional help.

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