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The media industry is a broad-based communications field designed to get messages out to the most amount of people. The messages can be news or entertainment based, and media messages can be relayed across television, radio, photographs, theatrics, artwork Internet or print—really any means that help people receive the information. Likewise, media jobs are very broad and can vary greatly on level of knowledge required to land the job, as well as hourly pay and whether or not it is union available.

Media work often encompasses entertainment, arts, sports and news, and has high profile positions like acting and media producer jobs, to behind-the-scenes positions in merchandising, camera work, commercial design and set building. Media careers can often overlap within many other industries. For example, a writer can work for newspapers, Internet-based content companies or even large corporations. Public relations specialists are part of the media industry, and can work angles for record labels, advertising agencies and more.

The media industry is constantly shifting, and in order to be successful within it, the employee must keep up with the current expectations through education and experience. Radio announcers are finding less work at local stations and more with satellite radio. Writers, editors and designers are more in demand for online work than traditional print-based media. And media buyers must shift focus from traditional newspaper ads and billboards to interactive media and creative multi-media buys, including text messages, personalized Web services and point of sales pieces that display digital information.

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