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Originally called motor hotels, motels are so named to imply the customer convenience to their mode of transportation. Most motels are directly off of highway and main roads, and have parking spaces that can be directly outside of the room doors. Due to its inherent lower cost than most hotels, as well as efficiencies that include kitchens, motel guests may make short-term living arrangements while in transition between homes or out on the road. The motel job is always available, as there are many different shifts, weekends, and holidays that need to be filled.

Motel jobs are just as prevalent as hotel and resort positions, with front desk clerk jobs being the most customers facing. Front desk jobs generally involve getting the customer checked in and going over specific accommodation details. Depending on the size of the motel, the front desk job may also double as an impromptu concierge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in a motel are expected to increase, while front desk jobs specifically are expected to increase over 17 percent over the next eight years.

Although there are several well-known motel chains like Super 8 and Motel 6, many motels are more mom and pop operations. There is an increasing nostalgia for older motels with a good reputation, especially in beach and resort towns. Depending on the size of the motel, the staff may wear many hats to keep the accommodations clean, orderly and up-to-date.

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