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Telecommunications jobs include work within video, voice or Internet communications. The industry itself has grown so large, that there are many opportunities within cable companies, wireless communications companies and satellite providers, among others. Jobs in telecommunications are readily available due to the high demand, and generally include opportunities to make more than similar positions in other industries—while working overtime as well.

Most telecommunications workers include those in the installation, repair and maintenance sectors of the business. For example, line installers prepare a customer’s home or business to receive the services of the central communications office. Equipment installers can set up phones, faxes and Internet through wiring or new equipment. Most everyone is familiar with cable installer jobs, their responsibilities include setting up satellite, cable and wireless services, depending on the chosen product.

Telecommunications careers also include the administrative support positions that are often housed in the communications central office. These representatives, an example is telephone operator jobs, provide customer support through the ordering, trouble-shooting and billing process. The professional and sales positions can include computer software engineers, data communications analysts, telephone technician jobs and traditional office support in human resources, marketing, accounting and IT.

Due to the complexity and continuous change of the telecommunications industry, it is very important to keep-up-to-date on the skills needed to work within the industry. Once employed, some of the larger companies will include free on-the-job training. Most of the telecommunications positions do not need a college degree, except for the managerial positions.

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